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Battle Ready

January 8, 2017

Beating Burnout

January 1, 2017

Unwrap Christmas

December 4, 2016

During the month of December, on Sunday mornings and Christmas Eve, we will be in a message series where we will "Unwrap Christmas,"...

Restore My Soul

November 27, 2016

As we transition from an incredible "Identity" message series into the this year's Christmas series, we had the great pleasure of welcoming in part of the extended Old Fort Church family this weekend. James Maxwell shares with us...


October 2, 2016

As a believer in Jesus, the Bible tells us that we have a new and true identity that we do not need to have any question about. We are sons and daughters of God. This new identity that we have in Christ is an identity that is secure and defined...

Life Questions

August 28, 2016

How can I be happy? How can I best use my time? Why isn't life fair? What's the point of life? How can I know God's will?

IN-FIN-8 Blessings

June 12, 2016

Jesus gave us a prescription of 8 things that, if we live them, and if we adjust our attitude to meet, will leave our lives blessed.

The Truth on God

April 3, 2016

In a day where there is so much phony baloney out there about God - Is He distant or non-existent? Is He hands off? Is He all things to all people? etc. - Maybe it's time...

Preparing for a Move

February 14, 2016


January 10, 2016

Do you ever hear people say, "Today's world is so different than it was when I grew up?" Truth is that that it's drastically different than it was even 10 or 20 years ago...

The Bible

January 3, 2016

A Christmas to Remember

December 6, 2015

Everyone has Christmas memories, most which are good and give us the warm fuzzies. We are close to an historic inner pass as a church. In 2016, we'll be moving...


November 8, 2015

Many times, when we think of the word "overwhelmed", it congers feelings of everything in our lives that is pressing down on us...

Just Walk Across the Room

October 11, 2015

Every Christ follower can do evangelism...

F.E.A.S.T or Famine

September 6, 2015

Just as a good sports team needs to return to and review the fundamentals of the game in order to be a strong team, so does the church. In this series, we'll discover...


June 14, 2015

LDRSHP: Time to Fill in the Blanks on What Leadership is...

The Art of Celebration

June 7, 2015

In a break from the usual routine here at Old Fort Church, we took a weekend to gather around the "campfire" to worship our amazing God.


April 19, 2015

Have you ever seen a beautiful green lawn that has been tracked up with those crazy tunnels and hills from the not so friendly rodents that we call moles?

Worldview Warriors

April 12, 2015

Worldview Warriors has ministered in a large variety of venues, as well as regular radio programs, that reach all across the United States. They are a group of godly leaders and musicians...

Last Words

February 22, 2015

What are the last words that you would want to leave with those you love, if you knew you were dying? Your last breaths are limited, the end is imminent, you have a very short time to express what you want to be remembered for....

Decoding the Institution

January 5, 2015

There are a lot of institutions in our world. There are many great college institutions. The government is an institution. Prisons are another kind of institution. But what about the church?

Ironclad Apologetics

January 4, 2015

As we transition from Christmas to a new message series, we take a week to hear from guest speaker, Ernie Berry, and another portion of his Ironclad Apologetics series.

Christmas For Real

December 7, 2014

...if we take the opportunity to dig through all of the wreaths and bows, and the trees and the trimmings, we may just find what Christmas REALLY is!

How to Love the Mud

November 30, 2014

Life would be so much easier if we all just had our act together. Most of us spend so much time and energy trying to portray a neat and tidy life to the rest of the world...


October 19, 2014

A simple, practical, biblical, helpful and personal tool for disciples of Jesus who want to make disciples of Jesus.

Deeper Roots

September 7, 2014

Cultivating a deeper faith that bears greater fruit (as individuals and as a church) requires being rooted in Jesus Christ. That leads us to a desire to grow deeper roots...

Agents of Faith

July 6, 2014

Faith is an action word. It speaks to our action as believers in Christ. However, that action has been lived out long before any of us were ever on the scene...

Step Up to the Mic

June 15, 2014

Scripture is clear that the Holy Spirit gifts the followers of Christ to do many acts and services. Out of a large list of spiritual gifts that make up the body of Christ, some Christ followers are gifted to...

The Time is Now

April 28, 2014

We rest in one of the most exciting times in the history of Old Fort Church, as we ar on the edge of watching God lead us in the building of a new facility...
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