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March 23, 2014

During the time of Jesus’ life, ministry, death, and resurrection, many people encountered Him in numerous different ways. For many, their encounter with Him changed their lives forever.

Developing a Burning Heart for Prayer

February 9, 2014

In this series, we will be taking apart the prayer in Scripture that we have come to know as The Lord’s Prayer. Many of us have learned this prayer somewhere in our childhood, kind of as a recitation. It was never intended to be a recitation, but...

King Size Christianity

January 12, 2014

Jesus tells us in John 10:10 ...“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”.

Ironclad Apologetics

January 5, 2014

Learn how to defend your faith in an ironclad way.

Be the Gift

December 1, 2013

...for many, this time of year has become the gift giving season, where we try to think of what we can buy for a people who have everything. Why not give the greatest gift...

Greater Gratitude

November 3, 2013

We are never thankful enough to our God. We need more than a Thanksgiving Day...

Church on Purpose

August 25, 2013

Are you going to church on purpose and are you connecting to the purposes of the church?

Special Weeks in August

August 11, 2013

While pastor Marc is on vacation, we have the opportunity to hear from other great speakers from the congregation. Come out and hear their passion and vision for what God has been speaking in to their lives and how it just might connect to ours as well.

Jump Start

July 7, 2013

JUNE 2013

June 2, 2013

Amidst all the chaos and the transition of the pastors, we have several different sermons this month...


May 5, 2013

If your life feels mundane, if you feel stuck in a rut, or you are staring at a dead-end, then come to the well of life and drink in the living water of Christ Jesus.

The End

April 7, 2013

Scripture is filled with Old and New Testament prophecies. The word prophecy is just a fancy term for being able to know the future. In the Old Testament we read many scriptures that predict the coming of Christ, His death and resurrection, and they all come true...

The Bible

March 3, 2013

Average Joe

February 3, 2013

Most of us are average people who enjoy life as Joseph did. However, if we are honest, our lives are filled with all kinds of drama too.

Praying in Circles

January 6, 2013

The Journey

December 2, 2012

Many will admit that life does feel like a journey, especially around Christmas time. We venture into the basement or attic to retrieve box after box of Christmas decorations. We travel countless times to the grocery store, mall, or toy store to purchase items for under the tree or on the table for a wonderful Christmas experience. Life is a journey...

Fiding Your Balance

November 11, 2012

I think we all could use a little bit more balance in our lives. As we try to juggle family, work, church, school, sports events, hobbies, and anything else we can stuff into our calendars...Join us for a special celebration this week with the men's and women's basketball teams from Old Fort High School...

Money Talks

November 4, 2012

"If there is one topic on everyone's mind, it is money. Everyone thinks about it. We wonder if we will have enough-...


October 7, 2012

We need a fresh set of eyes from God to look at life differently. Join us during the month of October on Sunday mornings for a sermon series on Perspective. We will be looking into the book of Philippians and allowing Paul's life to change the way we look at our life and God's plan for us...

Outlive Your Life

September 9, 2012

It is never too late to ask how God can make your one life count and how you can leave an impact here on earth...

Holiness of God

September 2, 2012

Guest speaker James Maxwell shares with us about how we approach a Holy, Holy, Holy God.

It's a Win-When Situation

August 5, 2012

How do we live a victorious life when so many around us, and even ourselves, feel so defeated?

Make Your Mark, America!

July 1, 2012

Join us in July as we look at the principles the founding fathers incorporated into the Declaration of Independence. We will be evoking the three God given freedoms penned in this document (the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to pursue abundance) as a voters' guide to rediscovering a Godly nation once again...

Courageous Living

June 3, 2012

Relational Stuff

April 29, 2012

So many of us have “stuff” going on in our life that carries into our everyday lives. In most cases that “stuff” is attached to relational challenges with spouses, children, coworkers, and others. If we we’re honest every one of us have challenges when it comes to relationships...

Believing is Seeing

April 15, 2012

While society would want to tell us that we have to See to believe, God tells us...

24 Hours that Changed the World

February 26, 2012

There has never been a more significant 24-hour period in a person’s life then the final 24 hours of Jesus' life. The events of that day have had a ripple effect on the human race for over 2,000 years since...

Mission Possible

January 8, 2012

The problem that plagues the American church is the belief that the work of the church happens on the inside of the building. All of its time, resources, and efforts are put into worship, programming, fellowship, hospitality, and care of the facility. Over time, the focus of the church becomes inward...

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During the current shutdown, there are no in-person gatherings at the church. We will be livestreaming on Sunday mornings at 10:00am. Hope to see you there.


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