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Old Fort Church Livestream

Old Fort Church March 20, 2020

Once again, we're sorry that we can't meet in person on Sunday, but we're excited to figure out new ways to continue to be the Church. One of those ways, is by bringing you a live worship experience, at 10:00am on Sunday, where we can meet virtually from anywhere that you are.

We're still doing some behind the scenes work on the technical aspect of this, but if all goes well, you can either catch it on facebook, or participate in a more interactive setup by going to On the other site, you'll be able to watch the video, follow along with the printed song lyrics and message notes, look up the scripture through youversion Bible, and also chat with one another in real time.

This is a great opportunity to share your church experience with others that don't normally attend. So we'll see you, and a new friend, on Sunday morning at 10:00am as we continue in this powerful message series called "Broken".

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