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New Message Series beginning July 12

Old Fort Church July 01, 2020

We all have those questions in life, you know those kinds of tough questions, that we're not really sure what to do with. Sometimes we don't know who to ask, sometimes we don't know how to ask, and sometimes we don't feel like we're allowed to ask. Well, guess what? You can ask God anything. He's big enough to handle it, and he has answers. This summer at OFC, we're doing a message series on Sunday mornings that we're calling, "It's OK to ASK?" We're going to be looking at some of those tough everyday questions in life, and asking them of God and the Bible, AND we're looking to find some of the answers. Join us, beginning Sunday, July 12th (in-person at 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM or live streaming at 10:00 AM), and know that - "It's OK to ASK?"

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