extraORDINARY People

By Old Fort Church

August 4, 2019

Have you ever thought of the fact that everything that's extraordinary starts as something ordinary that has something extra added to it? Think about it for a moment. When you have an extraordinary sunset in the sky, well just an hour or less before, it was just an ordinary sky. But then, with the placement of the lowering sun in the alignment of the clouds, the whole perspective changes in what seems like moments. You can have an extraordinary foliage of beautiful fall colors in the leaves of the trees but, just a month before, it was all ordinary green. You can have an extraordinary pianist who will blow you away in his or her ability to tinkle the ivories. But before the countless hours of instructing, practice, and perfecting, you had someone hunting and pecking the notes on the keys.

You see, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the extra. The same goes for an extraordinary life that's been lived in extraordinary ways. As believers in Jesus, the one that brings the extra to our ordinary lives is God. Before Jesus, we're all just ordinary people. But with Jesus, we can live extra-ordinary lives.

Being Faithful (Daniel)
August 4th, 2019
Marc Quinter

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God Calling (Moses)
August 11th, 2019
Marc Quinter

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Making a Sacrifice (Abraham)
August 18th, 2019
Guest Speaker: Matt Hartman (OFC Family Life Director)

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Prayer is the Key (Jabez)
August 25th, 2019
Marc Quinter

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After God's Own Heart (David)
September 1st, 2019
Marc Quinter

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