Christmas For Real

By Marc Quinter

December 7, 2014

I have always been a big, big fan of Christmas. From the time that I was little (believe it or not, I was little at one time) to this day, I have always really enjoyed seeing all of the Christmas decorations, the lights, the trees, adn all of the glitz and glamour of Christmas. I am also a big fan of all of the Christmas music, movies, and TV specials. A lot of people complain when they see the Christmas decorations being displayed in the stores before Halloween. Not me, I get excited to see them hit the stores.

However, as much as I like the things that remind me of my childhood Christmas' and that have blown Christmas up to be the most celebrated time of the year; I am not overwhelmed by all of that stuff of the season. I am, however, simply overwhelmed by the REAL story of the REAL Christmas. You see, if we take the opportunity to dig through all of the wreaths and bows, and the trees and the trimmings, we may just find what Christmas REALLY is!

That is the Christmas that we are going to go on search for this December, as we begin in a new message series, "Christmas for REAL," beginning Sunday, December 7. The truth is that most of the decorations, traditions, and festivities that we celebrate at Christmas today, were not there for that first Christmas. My prayer this Christmas is that we can take a story that we all think we know, that we can take a moment in history that changed the world FOREVER, and find that it is very real and can be very fresh to how we look at Christmas in 2014.

The Christmas season is a WONDERFUL time to invite family and friends to church. Many people who are resistant to church the rest of the year find that their curiosity for a more REAL Christmas often makes them open to joining you in this season. Do not hesitate to invite family, friends, and associates to join you in church this Christmas season. Even if you asked someone 100 times to come to church, pray for them this year and invite them again. The one-hundred and first time just might be the time that they say, "Ok, I think I am ready to join you."

See you through this month of December as we celebrate, "Christmas for REAL!"

In Christ,

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