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Need a fresh start?

December 29, 2015

With the New Year a few short days away, it's a great opportunity to clean the palate of our lives for a fresh new start. This past Sunday, Pastor Marc challenged us to reflect on our lives using a series of questions that can help give us a sober judgment of our hearts, hopefully encouraging fresh steps toward change.

A Four-Fold Cleansing

  1. Cleansing of the lips
            Isaiah 6:5
    Examine Your Lips –
    a. Is there anyone who would not be pleased to see me? Why? b. If I once give my word, is it my bond? c. Do the words from my mouth more often build up or do they tear down? d. Is my tongue controlled or is it out of control? e. Am I argumentative? Do I insist on my way? f. Am I appreciative? Do I tell and show it to my loved ones? g. Am I a test or a trial to people when they’re speaking to me, in any way? h. Am I truthful in spite of temptation to the contrary? i. Am I trustworthy, never breaking confidence? Can I keep a secret? Is the reputation of another safe with me? Would Jesus say the things that come from my lips?
  2. Cleansing of the hands
            Psalm 24:4-5
    Examine Your Hands –
    a. How do I treat those who are unkind and unreasonable? b. Am I doing anything that I would condemn in others? c. What am I like at home? d. What am I like at work, in
    relation to my associates? In relation to those I work under? In relation to those who work under me? In relation to those I serve? e. Do I make the right use of my leisure time? f. Do I work according to plan or am I haphazard? g. Am I afraid of doing more than is necessary … more than my share… in duties, in service, in love, in going the extra mile? h. If I undertake something, am I persevering? Do I see it through? i. Would Jesus do the deeds that my hands are doing?
  3. Cleansing of the heart
            Psalm 51:10
    Examine Your Heart –
    a. Is there anyone I can’t forgive? Or won’t forgive? b. Am I regarded by others as being reliable? c. Do I love to be alone with God? Do I practice it? d. Am I sympathetic? Do I hurt when others hurt? e. Am I quick to acknowledge a fault and ask forgiveness? f. Is there anything in my life that I would not be willing to give up for Christ? g. Does my life manifest Christ’s love as described in 1 Cor. 13:4-8? h. Would Jesus Christ store the things in His heart that I store in my heart?
  4. Cleansing of the mind
            Romans 12:2
    Examine Your Mind –
    a. Am I faithful to Bible study and prayer? b. Have I been pure? Have my thoughts
    remained pure? c. Do I have firm, unwavering convictions? Do I live by them? d. Do I tend to remember little grudges against people? e. Is my imagination under the control of the Holy Spirit? Am I given to useless or immoral daydreaming? f. Do I waste time – my own or others? g. Would I be comfortable with Jesus taking a stroll through my mind?

For more on help this time of year, click here. If you have been touched by this message or what God is doing for you, we'd love to hear from you. Tells us here!

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