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Marc Quinter

Marc's News Items

Under God?

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No Fooling

For three weeks, we'll look at 3 parables of Jesus that declare He was not fooling about...
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The House

We interrupt this regularly scheduled message series to bring you two special messages on Mother's and Father's day...
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As a believer in Jesus, the Bible tells us that we have a new and true identity that we do not need to have any question about. We are sons and daughters of God. This new identity that we have in Christ is an identity that is secure and defined...
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The Truth on God

In a day where there is so much phony baloney out there about God - Is He distant or non-existent? Is He hands off? Is He all things to all people? etc. - Maybe it's time...
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Preparing for a Move

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Do you ever hear people say, "Today's world is so different than it was when I grew up?" Truth is that that it's drastically different than it was even 10 or 20 years ago...
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A Christmas to Remember

Everyone has Christmas memories, most which are good and give us the warm fuzzies. We are close to an historic inner pass as a church. In 2016, we'll be moving...
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Christmas For Real

...if we take the opportunity to dig through all of the wreaths and bows, and the trees and the trimmings, we may just find what Christmas REALLY is!
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Be the Gift

...for many, this time of year has become the gift giving season, where we try to think of what we can buy for a people who have everything. Why not give the greatest gift...
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Greater Gratitude

We are never thankful enough to our God. We need more than a Thanksgiving Day...
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Marc's Blogs

Prayer on the 8s

Prayer is vital to the life and purpose of the Church.
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Live Like a King

Hello Old Fort Church!The temps are warming, the roads are clearing, and by Sunday there will be nothing keeping us all from joining at Old Fort Church for a great God experience...
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